Ebay seller, Help please

Ok so basically my 1st ebay sale hasnt gone well.

I put a phone of mine on ebay and within 4 hours a Nigerian scammer went for the buy it now option:x

so basically now ive got an ebay bill of nearly £7 and im going to have to pay to relist the item. (havent done this yet)

Is there anyway I can claim the money back and how? as its in no way my fault.

Ive tried asking ebay customer services but all i got was an automated response :-(

thanks for your help guys


Read this, it should explain it all:


You will get all of your fees back and get a relist credit, so nothing to worry about in that department, it's just a big old pain in the bottom!


I think If you go through ebay and set up a dispute, report it as an unpaid item and ebay are satisfied that no money was exchanged, they will credit you a FVF (final valuation fee). You can't do this until ten days after the auction was ended.

Dinosteveus is our expert so perhaps you should PM him x

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Ah thanks a lot, Starlet that link was very helpful. Its annoying that Ive got to wait until their account is suspended before I claim back and relist but I suppose it could be worse

I really don't see what they get out of it... Although it was quite funny when a friend of mine sent a box of assorted excrement to one of their addresses.....

what they get out of it is mobile phones, bought by fraudulent means


what they get out of it is mobile phones, bought by fraudulent means

I suppose... But most people have cottoned onto it now. Their emails are so badly written, it really does show up

i guess they rely on those who are not so wise yet

Indeed, it only takes 1 person out of 100 to fall for it to make it worthwhile!

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Yeh, this one actually seemed genuine for a min. the buyer had 100% positive and 70 feedback

it was only after i realised that the paypal address had been mirrored from an unknown account I became suspicious

What's the item no. ponk? Normally one of the scammers certainly doesn't have 70+ feedback?

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as you can see they had 69 feedback, i rang paypal and they confirmed that it was a scam.

looks like they must have hijacked someones account.
Had this myself once when one day I got an email though confirming I had bought a motorbike that i didnt know anything about!

Probably a hijacked account. One of my boyfriends friends had it happen to him a few days ago, the person listed over 1000 items, over £700 in fees!!

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Ok, so now the users account has been suspended and my listing has been deleted.

Ive had the insertion fee returned to me but not the final value fee! This doesnt make any sense

does anyone know how i can get this £4 back? I cant enter it as a payment dispute now as the listings gone!


Very unusual for the listing to be removed, are you certain it's completely gone?

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yeh ive tried searching for it using the listing number and its not there. completely disappeared from "My ebay" section as well

It is quite common for a listing to 'completely vanish' if a hijacked account is involved.
You need to contact the billing department, getting your fees back shouldn't be a problem.
I'll find the relevant link.

Try this:-

Contact eBay Customer Support

Step 1:Confirm that your email is about "The problem you're having with billing and fees isn't listed"Step 2:If the "Subject" is incorrect, please ][COLOR=#0000ff]select a new subject[/COLOR] to ensure prompt and accurate processing.Step 3:After completing all fields in the form, press the Send button


The above link may not work (it's linked to my account), try this and click on email at the bottom of the page:-

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Ok ill give it a go, thanks steve


Ok ill give it a go, thanks steve

No probs. Good luck. :thumbsup:
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