Ebay Seller Not Responding - Advice Please

Found 15th Feb 2008
Hi all, I have a bit of a problem, let me explain...

I won 3 auctions for books from the same seller, all of which ended minuites after each other. All three items went for $1.00 (the seller is in canada) but no price for postage was given. I have requested the total ammount from the seller 4 times now (everyday since I won the items) but still with no response.

I suspect that the seller is not happy with the low price the items went for and is purposly ignoring my attempts to contact.

I'm not sure if I should leave bad feedback or just keep waiting. Has anyone here ever been in a similar situation?

Any advice would be much appreciated...



^ they haven't paid yet.

What is their name? I will send them a message about something and see if they respond.

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Thanks Starlet, I will pm you their username...

I have sent them a message, see if they respond! I wouldn't worry too much yet though, as it sounds like it has only been 4 days? If you still havn't heard from them after 8 days you can open a dispute and let ebay deal with chasing them!

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Thanks Starlet, much appreciated...

If they sold cheap they will simply inflate the postage to compensate.

Yeah,chillax. Ebay can be a bit of a pain at the best of times...It hasn't cost you anything yet. Send him another message. See if he is selling anything else and send him a message via there. If he hasn't responded within another 4 days or so contact Ebay.
I don't always leave bad feedback for people on Ebay,even if they don't pay etc. Each case is seperate. If he has 100% feedback there can be something disturbingly satisfying in leaving negative! lol,I jest! :oops: He is probably trying to get you a good price for the weight. If you really really wanted the books and he doesn't respond ATTACK! If not,look for them again,or use - [url]www.bookbrain.co.uk[/url] or [url]www.abebooks.com[/url] :-D



If they sold cheap they will simply inflate the postage to compensate.

Agreed. I would never bid on any item unless postage is spelt out - or they have answered a PM query to tell you.

4 days isnt that long though. I think I would give them 10 days and report them if they still havent responded. If they do give you a silly postal charge - report them for that as well!

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Thanks for all the tips guys, +rep...

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I just received contact...

The email says...

hello,please e-mail me at xxxxx@xxxxx.xxx and we'll figure everything … hello,please e-mail me at xxxxx@xxxxx.xxx and we'll figure everything out from there. thnx

Does this seem a bit dodgey to anyone? I don't understand why I can't just be sent an invoice, as usual.

Yeah seems strange, just email him at that address and ask him to send you a invoice with correct postage on, see what they say

does seem a bit werid, just email it and see what happens, just make sure you pay via paypal, because then at least you can get your money back if it all goes sour

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Thanks guys, I will do just that...
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