Ebay seller not returning emails regarding faulty product (need some advice)

I bought a replacement hard-drive (sold as new) for my ipod to replace the old one that gave up to ghost.

Now after 3 months this one too has died.

Now i know i bought it off ebay, but shouldn't it still fall under the 12 month guarantee considering it was sold as new and was from an ebay shop.

I have emailed the seller on 2 separate occasions to request a replacement but as of yet no reply.

how long should i leave it before i get the ebay overlords involved.

Also i purchased it via paypal if that may open up another avenue.


I don't think you can open a paypal dispute after 3 months

this was asked last week on here. Were they a trader or an individaul ebayer? If they werent a trader then there nothing you can do. You only get a guarantee from businesses

did the listing state a warranty?

is the seller a business or private seller ? you cannot expect a private seller to guarentee a product unfortunately, i would check that they are a business seller, then if they are, send a e-mail saying under the sales of goods act, i am requesting a refund for faulty product (they can recuperate the cost from the manufacturer)... your out of the 45 day paypal claim period but if you used your credit card, you could get a chargeback (i don't recommend this unless the seller doesn't play ball) also as its as new, did they offer a guarentee ?

first thing to do tho is check they are a business seller

You should contact manufacturer of that device and if it is under warranty they will replace it for you.You can always show them receipt of you purchase(providing you have kept it) and that should do it.Seller is not neccesarily responsible for replacing it,but manufacturer is.
Hope it helps

try to open a paypal dispute but be quick i think the latest is 90 days

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The seller is a trader. It states on all his items that they are covered by a 1 year warranty. So good news there. Thanks for your suggestions. i'll just wait for a bit longer for his reply.
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