Posted 6th Jan 2023
I want to buy something on ebay, the seller has put a postage amount but says her item is collection only. if I buy the item who is responsible for the packaging and posting if the seller agrees to deliver?
the last time I bought a collection only item and the seller agreed to post it too me, they arranged packaging and delivery and I paid extra to cover their costs.
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    Sounds like the seller may have selected a postal option by mistake (or they selected Collection Only by mistake!). Collection Only, to me, means that the seller isn't willing to post or do an online transaction / likely prefers cash only.

    The only way you'll know for sure is to verify it with the seller.
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    Listing an item is sometimes not very clear & easy, the seller might not know how to remove the postage option. Additionally when I used to list heavy collection items I had to select payment by paypal even though I wanted cash on collection so used to get people 300 miles away buying a sofa and expecting me to post it to them.

    Ask the seller.
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    Just message the seller and ask them Pauline - nobody on here will have the right answer except the seller. (edited)
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    Why not ask the seller? If they've listed a postage option then that's what you'll pay to get it delivered to you, but if you think they've made an error with the contradictory information, just ask and find out.
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    When you sent a message to the seller, what did they reply with?
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    Pauline if you meessaged the seller instead of posting here you'd already have your answer
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    Sounds like you’ll have to drive to their house and parcel it up, then they’ll post it to you - but, you may have to take it to the post office for them.
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    Best solution would be to start a new thread and hopefully the seller sees it posts a reply. All the best.
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    the seller will either be really helpful, and do that for you..

    or you will get one who will package it, but you arrange a courier to pick it up, but at a time when the seller is free..

    or you’ll get one who just can’t be bothered, and that’s why they put collection only..

    but as this seller has put a delivery price, I would think that they may post if you ask nicely
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    I will ask my Uncle Frank to talk to his psychic and see if she can determine the answer for you.

    I will ask my Uncle Frank to talk to his psychic and see if she can determine the answer for you. (edited)
    Psychic said it was worth asking twice
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    Just a mistake?, message the seller sasking if its collection only, and if so and you want to do that tell them to remove the postage costs. (edited)
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