Ebay seller refunded my money as their shop had error & listed items unavailable...??? my rights!!! plz help :0)

Found 29th Sep 2008
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows about ebay & it's buying rights more than i do.

Basically i purchased a game from an Ebay seller in their shop but looking at my ebay today i received a messsage saying:
"Good afternoon Unfortunatley we have had to cancel and refund your order. There was a bug in the system over the weekend and items were listed that we can not get hold of. Sorry for the inconvenience this gas caused. Kind regards "

This to me is a lie because the seller still has this listed at a different price & the total of items still up for sale is 87!

Now what i think has happened is they listed the item accidently at £0.99p, which is what i purchased it for & they didn't mean to list it at this & that's why they really refunded my money. The same item is up for sale just at £15.95 instead with a quantity of 87.

All sounds a bit suspect to me & i feel i have been done... :0(

Can anybody shed any light into what i should do, do i have any rights?

Much appreciated, Lee-Aaron Lorenz
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build a bridge and look elsewhere
If they have priced it up wrongly they have a right to withdraw it from sale and put it back on sale for the correct price.
I don't think there's much if anything you can do about this, Ebay used to have within its system something called a 'non selling sellers' policy but even going down this road at the end of the day you still wouldn't get your item! so as already stated above ... probably as well to ''grin & bear'' it & move on.
Lol, i figured that would be my only option... lmao
thanks for ya input people! :0=
nothing on ebay constitutes a legal contract, so nothing you can do
Not worth your time bothering with it, just get it via an alternative source.

Be thankful you got refunded tbh
NEG em !!
Yep, true enough, you feel like you dropped the pound and found the penny. If I were you I'd rate them negatively for mucking you around as you can legitimately explain the negative feedback.

you could also submit a complaint to ebay as they do have a shop and must subscribe to a more stringent sellers policy.

In any event just make sure they have refunded you in full and not a penny less. If it makes you feel any better then you could always write a summary of your transaction and post it on their forum to make other buyers aware of what they have done.
i know its not quite the same but i've had a few items cancelled just at the end of the auction when i am the winner with a really cheap price-can't help wondering if the price isn't good enough-they cancel...funily enough i get an item relisted note a day or two later !
Yep, this is a tactic used by some sellers. simply to avoid paying higher initial listing fees. They list the item for a few pence and if the bids get to a reasonable price then they leave it so theyved saved a few bob and got an acceptable price. Alternatively, if they dont get the price they want then they cancel before the end of the auction and theyve only lost a few pence.

I think ebay has taken steps to minimise this though as the bidding on many auctions takes places almost immediately before it ends but I think now you have to cancel a listing at least 12 hours before it ends or something.

In any event if it happens several times by the same seller you can always report them, eBay do take action against sellers if the evidence is clearly against them.
people make mistakes

no need for a neg


people make mistakesno need for a negkarma

But surely the mistake in this case wasn't the selling price but lying about the reason for not completing the sale? In which case I would say a neg is justified.

people make mistakesno need for a negkarma

i totlly agree

mistakes happen, forgive and forget and move on

the world hasnt ended

But surely the mistake in this case wasn't the selling price but lying … But surely the mistake in this case wasn't the selling price but lying about the reason for not completing the sale? In which case I would say a neg is justified.

he/she prob lied in the hope the buyer would be understanding enough not to leave a neg in the first place
Just neg them as a previous poster stated. Now buyers have no fears of the same in return it should happen more often.
At the end of the day there is nothing you can do to get your game for 99p - you can complain to eBay if it makes you feel better but they wont do anything.. you can Neg the seller but if they have a good feedback already then it isn't going to put off any potential buyer.. (but it might make you feel better) as some of the others have said.. just move on and give someone else your buisness.
its ebay - you have no rights!

just neg the seller and move on.
OP, for the record...

If the seller is registered as a business seller and the item was on buy it now, you have exactly the same rights as if you bought from their own website or by any other 'non direct contact' means.

Just had to say that because this thread is so full of misinformational BS it's beyond belief :roll:
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