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Found 31st Oct 2017
Anyone on here sell stuff on ebay? I bought a door handle and got a message from the seller that he would send the handle out after the funds have cleared into his account which will normally takes 3 working days.

This is the first time that I have come across this on ebay purchases.

Does ebay take a few days to pass the money to the seller? I had paid with a credit card.
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I've never had that before. Did it state that in the auction terms and conditions? I've sold loads of things small and high value and I've never waited for funds to clear as that's what PayPal does, it's the middle man\escrow.
Is it a private seller?

If so and assuming it's all legitimate (seems unlikely that anyone would try to scam over a door handle), my guess would be that they can't afford to post it without first withdrawing the funds to their bank.

My alternative guess would be that PayPal has placed a temporary hold on that amount for the moment on the seller's account, so the seller is waiting the extra time just to ensure it's a legitimate purchase.
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I have had a couple of payment that were pending and took a few days to clear. I think they paid e-cheque or something, but not too sur
If you pay using your Paypal balance, the funds are sent instantly.
Other means like a bank transfer to Paypal can show as an eCheque, as you used your credit card then it's most likely the reason, Paypal won't have the funds yet and the seller doesn't have your funds until Paypal do, that would be my guess.
Are you sure you didn'y pay with a Debit Card?
Nothing seems fishy with that. It does take a few days for the money to transfer over from bank account through PayPal.

Some people feel more comfortable allowing it to clear before shipping. They usually have an auto setting of 2 days to ship the item but anything up to a week is still acceptable.
There appears to be nothing to worry about. The seller is just communicating with you.
Maybe you paid by e-cheque as it takes couple days to a week or two to clear. Like mentioned above highly doubt someone will want to rip you off for couple quids worth
The seller is not a private seller, but buy it now seller. I dont use my debit card to pay for purchases, only my credit card. He has sent the handle but I just wondered why a credit card payment needs 3 days to clear at his end as this is unusua for a retailer.

The message came as default from the ebay purchase confirmation email so that buyers will know there will be a delay with dispatch.
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