Ebay sellers address??

I bought some mobile phone batteries from a seller. Two don't work, he takes returns but I can't find a return address. He is ignoring my emails.(Emailed him x7) Is his return address on Ebay somewhere, he has an Ebay shop, am I being thick? no point in asking for a refund as the postage was really the payment.

Item Number 220226379804 seller world4yourphone

Thanks if you can help.


There used to be a request for sellers details button somewhere..not sure if its still there as ebay like to take away anything usefull like that. ill go look

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cannot link to ebay form but is is on ]THIS page


if there is no point in asking for a refund as the postage was really the payment, why bother wsting even more money sending them back?

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Thanks, thought there must have been a way. I want to send them back and hopefully he will send replacement batteries that work, 2 out of 4 work fine.:thumbsup:

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The contact info gives his name, email and phone number but not his mailing address.

He doesn't appear to be selling anything through his shop today.

Opened a paypal dispute to try and jog him.

Phone him and give him a shock!
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