Found 14th Nov 2007
Hey guys,

I sold an item on ebay about a week ago, and have sent a couple of messages to confirm when my buyer will send payment. I haven't heard anything back as of yet. Within the auction it stated payment to be received within 7 days. I'm not to fussed if I don't receive the payment within 7 days, however I would just like a confirmation that the buyer will be sending payment.

How long should I wait before relisting?




Once ten days have passed you can strike the buyer with an unpaid item dispute. They'll be contacted by ebay and asked to pay, if they don't pay, you'll receive a final value credit (that's the amount you pay ebay when your item sells). I'd wait until this has happened before you relist.

If they don't pay and you strike them,the relisting is free I think.I don't get many who don't bother to pay anymore,however don't sell as much as I used to.

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Thanks both of you, will give it 10 days then.
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