Ebay sellers stating warranty - does it mean anything?

Found 13th Jun 2011
I bought a charger for a dell inspiron laptop (that i got from a deal on here), off ebay. It stated on the listings page that it came with 12 months warranty.

I bought it in the middle of January and it stopped working at the start of May. For the past few weeks i have been emailing the seller but have got no response - and it seems like i cant raise anything with ebay as when i go the the page in the Resolution centre - this item is not listed - which i think is because it was bought a while ago.

So if thats the case - the warranty the stated actually means nothing.
Anyone one had similar issues or can give advice or should i just forget about it and stop wasting my time.
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If the seller is a private individual and not classed as a retailer, then the warranty claim is worthless, you can't enforce it against a private individual. If they have numerous items online and are classed as a retailer, even though this is on ebay, then you can claim against them but whether you get anywhere or if it is worth the hassle is down to you.
You could complain to ebay if the seller is classed as a retailer and they fail to comply. Again, ebay is a law unto themselves so it might not be worth the hassle.

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