Ebay selling digital xbox game code

Posted 4th Dec 2018
I need some help with the following query...

So I have a digital code for an xbox game which I dont want so I decided to sell on Ebay. I listed this code on Ebay and it sold within minutes.

I know about the Ebay scam for digital codes so I listed postage or collection only.

So it sold, and then the guy messaged me 3 times to email him the code as he doesnt want to wait.

Well I didnt, and I still have the code and I intended on posting it today.

My question is am I covered if I post the code via recorded delivery so I have proof of delivery.

Is this enough to provide me with seller protection so I dont lose out?

I'm thinking the guys trying to scam me. I've fallen foul this is the past so I dont want to make the same mistake again.

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