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Found 18th Apr 2010
Hi, I recently sold an mp3 player on ebay which was brand new and still sealed in box. However the buyer has returned it (2 weeks later) claiming it's faulty. I've tested it extensively and it's fine, absolutely nothing wrong with it. Ebay seem to think I should just refund the buyer, but why should I? If I do it'll cost me because I offered free RM special delivery and also I'll be left with a second hand mp3 player rather than the new one I sold.
Any one else had the same or a similar problem?
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Providing a ebay / paypal dispute hasn't been raised yet explain to the buyer that it is working as described,and refund them their money minus the delivery charge. If need be put up a video on youtube to show them it works, just don't hang around as they could always open a dispute and then they will get the full amount back. either way you have the item back and just have to move on.
Unfortunately it's just the way eBay operate now....buyers can do what they want and the seller just has to suck it up!!! :-S I had someone put the boot in and completely destroy an £85.00 coffee machine because a dowel on the lid (£4.20p part from the manufacturer to replace entire lid!) broke whilst in transit. Ebay no help at all. It's open season for buyers to just do what the h*ll they want. Great news if you're a dishonest buyer lol.
Thanks folks, guess I'll just have to take a hit on this one and find another way to make a raise, I've never really sold on ebay before, and only listed 3 mp3 players, 1 was a non payer, 1 was ok and now it looks like I've got to shell out a refund for this one, just doesn't seem like it's worth the hassle. I guess there is nothing stopping people buying stuff and just returning it when they are bored of it then.

Hopefully the buyer will be more reasonable than some of ebay's policies
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