Ebay selling limit reached but have scheduled listings

Posted 29th May 2020
Hi all
Looking for some ebay advice, if I hit my monthly selling limit on ebay but have scheduled listings pending, will they still be listed at the scheduled start time?
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current £1 fvf allows you 300 items, didn't think there was a limit?
I don't think that's what the op is asking. Some sellers have a £/month sales limit and they're not allowed to sell anything over that limit.
Click the link that mentions increasing your selling limits or go on chat and they’ll increase them for you.
I thought the basic selling limit was 999
Mendoza30/05/2020 00:04

I thought the basic selling limit was 999

Unfortunately it’s just 10 for your first month
Just contact eBay that would be the sensible thing and they will help...
I have a limit of 1000 transactions and / or £15000 per month. This was set a few years ago after I started selling on eBay and got the first few positive feedbacks. I am not a big seller so works fine for me.
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