Ebay Sniper add on for Firefox (FREE)

Found 14th Apr 2009
I have been using this tool for about 2 weeks now and i havent found any faults with it.


This add on basically puts a bid (you select how much) at say 6 seconds before an auction ends(or however many seconds you select), and the addon will bid on your behalf even if your not on the internet when it ends.

What is auction sniping?
Auction sniping is a process of placing your bid at last seconds.

Is sniping legal?
Yes, sniping is legal. Any bid placed within dedicated time frame (while auction is not ended) is perfectly legal.

Do I need to keep my Firefox running to snipe?
Your snipe will be done by the remote server which is up 24/7.
You can set your snipe and turn off your PC.

Please note i am no way affiliated with this product or website.



I'll stick with goofbays sniper tried/tested/trusted.


i got this but when i get feedback left it pops up on screen in top left and cant get rid if it unless i close the browser completely

edit : opps its not the sniper just ebay companion....my bad

Sounds cool, I'll give it a go!

Original Poster

also if you make a mistake, you can log in to the website and edit or delete it and start again. I have read it also works that if you have 10 nokia phones in the same group, it will bid on them until one is won, once one is won it will stop, but i havent managed to work this out yet -and im also a little scared of trying incase it bids on all ten lol
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