Ebay sniping tool recommendation

Found 10th Feb 2017
I have used Goofbid for a few years however they are now charging £2.99 a month.

Can anyone recommended any alternatives ? Thanks

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ezsniper.com u only pay if u win and its a percentage

Oh yes! Had to find a free one too after they introduced the sub.

Used Gixen: gixen.com/ind…php successfully.

Looked a bit web 1.0 so wasn't sure about it, but turns out it's actually just really simple, no account or anything needed. Brill.

Gixen is a great tool to use, I highly recommend going for the premium option if you use it a lot as every now and then you might miss something (not happened to me in a long time though)

gixen is one I use aswell

bidnip.com has always been great for me

Original Poster

Thanks people. I'll look at these over the weekend.

Myibidder works well for me.

gixen +1 excellent


Myibidder but I paid £5 for the app. I'm a tight wad so that hurt. Saved me many times more than that though. If you are going to use a app then cough up for it.
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