Ebay Snipper - win auctions in the last seconds..

Has anyone used this type of software?

Want to win something tonight but I'm not about to make the bid.


It all depends on whether you want to trust them with your password...

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That, my friend, is the million dollar question!

how do these snipper programs operate? how do they know what to bid and wat youre prepared to pay etc...?

Typically you give them your username, password tell them which auction you wish to bid in and a maximum bid then it submits that bids seconds before the end.

I don't trust them with my details due to security reasons....

Auction Sniper has been around a while, but I wouldn't use this kind of programme either.

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So we're all agreed then, their rubbish and we wouldn't trust them to take out the garbage.

hmm better put a bid of (little finger to mouth) One m-ill-ion dollars.


I'd bid one ZILL-ion dollars...

Well, these guys have my password (auctionstealer.com/hom…cfm) and have had it for a while and my security has never been comprimised. I've never really used it much though so I'm not too sure if it works perfectly or not.

JBidWatcher is free and open source, so no nasty stuff going on. Works well for me...

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What you can do is change your ebay password first, to a throwaway password. Then set up your sniper program / website.

After the auction, change your ebay password again.

This will ensure your security.

Wouldn't that stop it logging your bid as it can't sign in to make it?

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Yep good idea. Alternatively set up a new account in your dogs name, say Fido, and use that.

To be honest you are better not using a sniper. The seller could change or add something in the last few hours and you would not know about it if you used a sniper.
At least if you bid yourself near the end you will see if it has been revised and you also remind yourself of the description, this gives you a chance to change your mind.
You are more in control if you bid yourself.

I don't think they can change the listing in the last 12 hours.


I don't think they can change the listing in the last 12 hours.

No you cannot change the listing but you CAN add to it.
'I've just lost the power lead or I cannot ship it for two weeks because I'm ill' etc. That kind of thing.
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