eBay sold digital code, buyer's account hacked

Posted 6th Dec 2019
Hi guys,

I have sold Xbox Digital Code on eBay, sent a code after I got my payment. After a while I have received that buyer's account has been hacked message from eBay.

Now I wonder if there is anything I have to do/worry about?

I will get chargeback/refund request, am I obligated to give the money back? I wouldn't mind but the code has obviously been sent and use etc.

Anybody had that experience?

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You've lost the code that's it
You've lost the code that's it
Now I don't know what the outcome would be, but it would seem unfair if you lost out - any hacked eBay account is not your problem. If it was me I would argue with ebay.
In theory you sold in good faith, they have to claim from the hackers not you. Ask for the crime number as well if it has been hacked...
Think you've lost out sorry.
Next time I suggest posting code. This way if someone claims account hacked, you'll be covered more. Proof of postage.
This happened to me but I quickly tried the code and it worked on my steam account. Then paypal did a chargeback eventually
Always post it mate - eBay won’t cover it unless you have a tracking ref of some sort confirming the code was posted sadly
AFAIK digital codes are not covered on ebay unless posted so I think you've lost it i'm afriad.
cdm2206/12/2019 13:51

AFAIK digital codes are not covered on ebay unless posted so I think …AFAIK digital codes are not covered on ebay unless posted so I think you've lost it i'm afriad.

Yeah, you're right. I made this mistake a few years ago without realising - sold a code, then they claimed it didn't work and did a chargeback with paypal and I lost the money and the code. Luckily for me, that person had done it to multiple people, which ebay cottoned on to, and out of the blue, I got my money back, but I doubt that this will happen in this case.
Sold a couple of FIFA Xbox keys a few years ago; eBay account was 'hacked' I lost the codes and the money.
paypal seller protection?
AMaky06/12/2019 15:53

paypal seller protection?

What's that?
I've heard of buyer protection....
Same here! such a dodgy thing to sell.
PayPal protection for intangible goods only covers buyers and not sellers. If a buyer makes a claim they get the money. eBay does not allow digital codes to be sold on eBay unless you are an authorised business seller so you have lost out. If you haven't realised already it is unlikely the account was hacked but it's just the buyer trying to get a free code.

I have sold 50+ digital items on eBay across multiple categories, the highest chargeback rates are always gaming related. I previously sold around 10-15 Xbox Live codes, got at least 5 chargebacks. Selling digital codes via eBay is a risk, especially gaming items.

Now you have lost the code and the money, nothing you can do apart from leave 'positive' feedback warning about chargeback to other sellers.

Posting the codes would reduce this risk but buyer could still SNAD. However, it's not worth it for low value codes. People who do this to small sellers are scum.
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Aren't the selling of codes prohibited?

Kind of off/on topic but I was selling a Now TV box with a 3 month code and it got pulled for violation of copyright/IP.
You have lost the code and will have to refund the buyer.

account wasnt hacked they just do this when they get ebay message with code.

i sold a few codes last year, posted them to the buyers address. Tried claiming account was hacked. Paypal sided with me as i had proof of postage.
You’ve lost it happened to my sister fight hard with PayPal see if you can get a gesture of goodwill but I’m nearly sure post items like that
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