eBay - Sold Item - Buyer claiming received damaged. What rights do I have? Any?

Hi, I sold a PC on ebay recently. It left in full working order. The buyer is claiming that when he got it, the case was cracked and it does not work (states that it says no video input).

Now, my question is - how do I know that he received it broken and that he did not just drop it or indeed replace a part with a broken part and claim he got it like that. I know that paypal will refund him if he returns it to me, but do I have any rights with paypal etc after that point or do I just need to stomach the loss? Thank you.


Raise a claim through the courier as if it was damaged in transit then they'd be responsible.

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But - firstly, how can I prove that it was damaged through transit and secondly, what if they do not honour the claim for any reason? Thanks btw

You'll know if he's replacednany parts, as you'll have known what was in it when you sent it.

Make a claim with whoever you sent it with, i sent a very rare case i had sold on ebay and dhl decided to play football with it and i ended up losing about £100 worth of damages

Bloody iphone, sorry!!

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It may have been damaged in transit. And it is unlikely that he has replaced a part (although if he has, I do not see how I can prove he has if that makes any sense.

But he totally could have dropped it. If he has, and it was not damaged in transit, am I up a creek without a paddle?

Ask for pics of the item and of the packaging.

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I will do so - thanks. But what would I use them for?

First you need to establish there really is damage to the item and he's not simply claiming such. Get some pics.

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Yes, I have asked for some pics and he has not yet sent. But he has kept in touch saying that he is going to get a different cable to see if that fixes it so it does sound like it is damaged...

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Many thanks btw - for the help - much appreciated

You have no rights in Ebays eyes!

I sent a toy which was perfect condition when it left me, Wrapped it great. She got it, said it was cracked, This type of toy would take alot to crack it. She disputed it through Ebay, who then asked me for a reply.
I asked for pictures, she would reply, just asked for £20 back from a £30 toy, I said no, I wanted Pictures, then she can return for a full refund.
She never issued pics, told ebay she wasnt returning as it was for her poorly son, She then started saying I was being personal, bullying due to wanting her to return it for full refund.

Ebay went in her favour, gave her the whole money back and she got to keep the toy, without even issuing pictures to prove any damage!

When looking at her previous feedback it turns out she is a serial complainer!

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I feel your pain as I am just going through something similar, item was fully working prior to shipping but buyer telling me that the projector will not even power on, ebays just a load of hassle with a load of whinging muppets.
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