Ebay suggestions?

I'm selling a laptop on ebay. While I stated that I do not ship interntionally, a buyer asked whether I can ship to Poland.

I just need to know, whether seller protection works if I do that?

the guy has more than handred feedbacks, at 100%.


i wouldn`t do it, he may be genuine but it isn`t worth the hassle

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Right, thats what I thought.

not worth the hassle for something of that value

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Its a dell M1730 with 8800m GTX, so I probably won't take the risk.

i recently sent a HP laptop docking station out to Hungary. At first i was a bit sceptical about it, but he paid thorugh paypal fine and managed to find a good courier firm that picked up parcel from my home - the whole process went through fine. If he is paying via paypal, then i would say Go For It!

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Well, this is a expensive item, so I would like to know, if I ship it internationally, so I still get seller's protection?

im new to selling on ebay an im having problems myself,iv sold an item, for £50, paypal have my money on hold, says i had to post the item first, which i did 1st class recorded on friday... until the buyer leaves positive feedback or after 21 days they release your money, now im worried, the buyer hasnt replied to any of my emails, and no doubt has my item, and i havent got my money, he could say he hasnt recieved it, even proof of delivery iv heard paypal side with the scammer/buyer , im never selling via paypal again, too much on the seller, only pickup or postal orders only for me if i do now

wait 21 days from the sale as paypal will release your funds..... or kindly email the buyer and ask for positive feedback, but when i get emails saying leave me feedback etc i ignore it

as long as the buyer doesn't make a claim against you, you will get your money ....... its just being patient ...

also paypal only hold your money if you have less than 20 (i think) feedback or the item is a high priced or risky item

its supposed to cover the buyers / paypal against fraud etc and make ebay safer but new sellers get all annoyed when paypal hold thier money

quicklite.... if your going to sell to poland send trackable method e.g. dhl / ups international ... im always careful when getting foreign buyers though and always do some research (i try not to sell expensive goods on ebay)
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