eBay superdry jacket ? - Too good to be true ?


    Too good to be true ?



    can we just have the item number please

    You'll never get it


    can we just have the item number please


    Its in the link

    feedback 0 lol

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    Thanks Starr for posting the item number

    Love the way he's ripped someone elses description

    WE DO OFFER COMBINED DELIVERY DEALS.For the UK, the first item gets … WE DO OFFER COMBINED DELIVERY DEALS.For the UK, the first item gets charged at full cost, and then we deduct £2 from each additional item's delivery and packaging fees.

    Seeing as P&P is free then i spot a profit making scheme X)

    Even funnier is 6 people have bought thinking they'll get something. lol

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    I really want this jacket, I'm gutted I missed it on eBay outlet ... if any of you know of a good deal it would be good if you could link me up please ?

    inb4 someone claims Syzable is to blame for bankrupting another ebay seller


    you could always pop a wanted thread in the fs boards, i am sure someone will have purchased a few to sell on, you never know someone may just be feeling generous and sell you one at cost

    No feedback... haha... did you really need advice on this one.. ok ill give some...


    buy it then you'll get to experience the whole Paypal dispute process...trying to claim your money back for nonreceipt. I may just order it to add to the various mess ups I've had on ebay this week...erm no thanks I'll pass

    Member since 05 nov! haha

    Something tells me this isn't his/her first ebay account

    This made me laugh
    "eBay members with a feed back of 0 or less please send us a message including a contact number before bidding. New eBay members with feedback of less than 5 will be restricted to one purchase per ten day period until their feedback raises above 5."

    Ill send you a contact number, it starts with a 9, it ends in a 9, and it has a 9 in the middle (_;)
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    lol, their returns policy even takes you straigh to the ebay superdry page aswell

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    A nice north face bag too :L
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