Ebay suspended my account over suspicious activity

Posted 8th Sep 2021
I listed some Halloween stickers to sell for around £2 each.
After 2 days they took my listing down as it suspicious and permanently suspended my account over suspicious activity.

Just to note that nobody purchased anything off me.

I bought from a few other sellers and got the items and was left positive feedback.

Spoke with customer service via chat and they just copied and pasted a generic response.

They don't give a about wanting to help and just fob you off with 🐂 .

Don't know why I wanted to post it but its HUKD and I wanted to have a little rant.

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    Not sure why Hallowe'en stickers would be deemed suspicious activity? Was it because of counterfeit/unapproved items suspicions?

    Logging in to Paypal with a VPN locks you out/limits your account automatically, was there any reason ebay might have thought someone else was using your account?

    There is a good ebay and paypal suspensions forum out there (aspkin) that might help, but I think more background is needed. I'm leery about those on there selling "clean" ebay/paypal accounts for a fee, though, so avoid that aspect.
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    Ring them tomorrow
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    Definitely speak to someone on the telephone. The Indian online help centre sometimes appear to lack common sense, but that's because they're glued to a script. I managed to confuse one by replying with their generic response before they'd written it to me. He did laugh at that one.
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    Maybe they thought you was a Vampire
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    Are you able to open a new account?
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    Sounds spooky to me
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    They did that to me the other day , thing is never sold anything and used few months back to order some small items .
    First got 2 emails with the last purchase items that my bids where cancelled even thou I received the items months ago then third email was account suspend
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    They were just plain text stickers written in Orange and Black colours which I made myself so no copyright issues.

    I spoke with them and they said they will not changing their decision and "your business model" doesn't adhere to ebay community guidelines or something like that.
    Lol business model for a few spare stickers.

    I am not gonna bother with selling anything on there. If I ever need to buy something I will open a new account or check out as guest if they allow it.
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