eBay tells sellers to request ID in clampdown on knives

Internet auction site eBay joined the fight against knife crime today by making it more difficult to buy weapons.

It said that from Monday it will require proof of identity from anyone trying to buy a knife.

"From September, buyers must have a credit card on file with us in order to purchase a knife. If you don't, we'll ask you to enter your card details when you place your bid.

"This is for verification only; you won't be charged," eBay said.

So far this year, 18 teenagers have been fatally stabbed in the capital, the most recent being 18-year-old Charles Junior Hendricks, knifed near a bus garage in Walthamstow on Saturday.

The auction site which made more than £200million in the first quarter of this year added that no weapon should be marketed to glamorise violence and knives such as flick-knives and throwing knives are banned from being sold via the site.

Two teenagers have been arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing on Saturday morning of Charles Junior Hendricks. The boys, both 16, were arrested yesterday.

Charles Junior, known as CJ, was was pronounced dead at Whipps Cross hospital shortly after being found.

Police have already arrested two males, aged 19 and 17, who have been bailed to return in September pending further inquiries.

Anyone with information should call detectives on 020 83453715 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.



Too be honest, I don't think it will achieve much. I'd think it would be better to ban the sale of all weapons (replica and disabled) if they really meant business.

Original Poster

Agree , I dont think it was their ethics in taking this decisions, they must have been told by some regulators.
Also have they never heard of fake C/Cards? Any seller with ill intentions would not find it difficult to use a cloned c/c anyway.

Good that their taking some measures, However I doubt it'll make much difference, Anything can be used as a weapon.

We need to bring our kids up the right way and educate them properly.


Hands up everyone with a knife in your house. Seriously.

If I wanted to commit a knife crime I wouldn't go out and get a new knife specially! I can't wait for the ban on pencil sharpeners...

Won't somebody.. PLEASE... think of the children....



We need to bring our kids up the right way and educate them properly.

True. Unfortunately, more often than not peer pressure brings the worst out of them. On their own, almost every kid is pleasant enough, but gang mentality, compels them to act as though life is cheap.

enter our credit card details?

wow, thats some really tough security.

lol exactly wont make a difference

Just about anything can be used as a weapon if you know how:thumbsup:

When staying overnight somewhere I'd hate to think what they would say if they searched me and found my razor, a nice open razor cant be beaten:-D
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