Found 21st Apr 2007
I bought a dvd off a guy on ebay last night and have just got this email...

E-bay didn't believe I had all the items for sale and suspended me. I was
selling my whole dvd collection to move abroad.

I now have to fax off proof of i.d and proof that I have the items in my
possesion, this is a total joke as I have sent out loads.

If you have paid for the item today or last night it will be with you on
Tuesday. I have to wait up to 3 working days for them to reinstate me after
faxing my proof off.



So he could just not send them ?


Sound like what paypal do for confirmation of who you are, jusy be glad you never got this message after sending alot of money.

should be ok, altho iv never heard of this before, PM dino and he will look into it....all he requires is for you to send him a banana in the post. lol

I have replied to your PM.


....all he requires is for you to send him a banana in the post. lol

A Haggis will do just fine :whistling: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:


ahhhh haggis, the choice of champions

Ah the wee beasties, i think ill go and hunt one down tonight for my tea !!

saxo awaits some english daft comments

"where do you find the haggis animal ?"
"where does it roam ?"
"what does the animal look like ?"

:whistling: :whistling: :giggle: :giggle:

The same thing has happened to me with Paypal before. Because of a sudden influx of sales they believe something suspicious is going on and request all these details. Don't worry though you'll get your DVD soon.
But why don't you use the Lovefilm 90 day FREE trial?
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