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I am opening this thread to talk about the best ways to sell on ebay how to minamise fees and the dreaded paypal fees etc. please list your tips here. :thumbsup:


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good topic tho civic, should be helpful

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Sell your stuff low but high postage (save on ebay fees)

Dont think this is allowed but who cares, they rake in the money from illeagal traders and sure as heck dont have a halo above their heads.

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Read rules first on ebay before trying this.


Does this … Does this help:-http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?&p=157532#post157532

Jesus thats a big list lol

Well the main tips I have are:

* Wait for the special listing days, 5p, 10p, 15p etc, they are very frequent these days.
* Never pay for additional pictures, simply upload them somewhere like photobucket.com and then include them in your description using the code

* Never pay for listing designs, you can create your own with simple HTML. This is the code I usually use on all my listings, just change the colours and pictures and whatnot each time.

You are bidding on: 10 Gold Metallic Denim Handbags.Further … You are bidding on: 10 Gold Metallic Denim Handbags.Further information:These gorgeous bags are made out of denim, hot trendy Gold metallic style design with french words on them, oui oui. The size is approx 22cm * 14cm * 6cm, fastens with a zip and fully lined. Each bag is brand new with tags Very fashionable and stylish. Great for resale at craft fairs, school fetes and eBay etc, you only need to sell these on at £2 each in order to make your money back and they easily sell for anywhere between £3 - £6, you do the maths!Payment Information:Payment via paypal is preferred, but will accept cheques. Item will be dispatched via royal mail same or next day after payment clears. £10 Postage to UK buyers, £20 to international buyers. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.Happy bidding xxxCheck out my other items.

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Does this … Does this help:-http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?&p=157532#post157532

thanks for link but it isnt detailed enough

Civic EG6

thanks for link but it isnt detailed enough

What else do you need apart from whats in that list civic ??
i thought dino covered just about everything on it :thumbsup:

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OK, how can you save on the paypal fees? Am getting charged like 2.50 for a trade

The only way you can save on the paypal fees, is use cheque, postal order, bank transfer.

and to be charged £2.50...you must be selling things over £50

Paypal fees are 3.4% and 20p on every UK pound transaction if you have a premier account.
Downgrade to a Personal Account and you won't get charged but you will not be able to accept a Credit Card funded Paypal payment.
Once downgraded you cannot upgrade again but you can have two Paypal accounts, a Premier and a Personal, but you cannot use the personal one for ebay by using the Credit Card logos on your listings.

10p listing days + not using paypal would be my main 2 tips
Waiting for money to clear from a dd sourced paypal payment can take over twice as long as bacs payment and is laughable compared to someone walking into your bank near them to cash deposit which is instant, which is yours no matter want, no dodgy paypal options for buyers to bullshit their money back once u sent the item off, lack of protection for buyer shouldn't matter if you have good feedback
Paypal system is appauling IMHO.

my tip would be to try work out overall your paypal fees then add that amount to the postage.

you can look up avg prices that items are going for on ebay to get a rough estimate of how much to add.

^ you can actually work it out properly using this:


If you don't use paypal you'll sell less and for a lower price, it's really that simple.

The only way to minimise paypal fees is to get a business account and move a lot of money through it to qualify for the lower fees they offer larger users.
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