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    Would be grateful if someone could advise. Slightly long - basically Parcelforce left an item without signature.

    Sold my old DSLR on eBay - very old, so not too costly sent it via Parcelforce last Thursday (basic coverage). Was suppose to arrive last Friday, latest tracking info is "out for delivery" from Friday, but it's not been updated since. Buyer said his address (office) closes at 5pm (they've reception though) - whereas parcelforce delivers upto 6pm. Buyer was quite insistent about getting it Friday so contacted parcelforce (apparently spoke for ages). I got a message on Monday from the buyer it wasn't delivered yet. Called Parcelforce to chase-up - they went to speak to the driver - and on Monday night, Parcelforce local depot said it was delivered Monday to reception (there is no signature / confirmation of delivery still). Tuesday, buyer got into office, no item. He called Parcelforce who also called - they said it was delivered on Friday (?). In both cases it's a bit suspicious as there is no signature (not suppose to leave it without a signature). Today, the buyer tells me the driver went to the address with a form to get delivery just now and had a go at the receptionist (oh dear). I'm slightly conscious that from the sound of it - parcelforce didn't get the signature.

    What's the best course of action? Call parcelforce, put in a claim on the ground the item is not been received (no signature) - meanwhile refund the buyer out of pocket lose a bit cash (they've opened a case), try to leave without a neg feedback?


    this is why i ALWAYS send items Royal Mail special delivery when i send anything of considerable value, you cant be too trusting these days as seems like there is more scammers then ever, not saying that's your situation but im just telling you for next time. the way i see it is pay a bit extra for safe delivery or possibly lose it all because u tried to save a few quid with another courier. ( again not aimed at you, just a general tip)

    whats the buyers rating like?
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    its different if it had a signature as then you did your duty, it would be the buyer responsibility to chase it up with them, however common sense seems to go out the window when ebay are dealing with a case its all about what you can prove, and right now you don't have much prove of delivery. i would suggest if still no signature has been issued you should chase it up with parcel force however if signature is provided then its the buyers responsibility.

    I would investigate further. Sounds like the driver did in fact deliver the parcel but didn't get a signature, therefore the buyer should theoretically have got the item.

    I'd get them to check cctv at office, mayb if it was delivered without a signature someone else had decided to help themselves
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