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Hi All,

I have seen on GumTree an Audi A3 for sell for a v.v.good price (one of the too good to be true)

The seller is advising to go through ebay as there is eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection
"If you want to buy this Audi A3 email me back with your full name and address to start the official procedure on eBay. Once the requested details will be provided, eBay will contact you with ALL the info regarding delivery, purchase protection (free eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection offered), and refund "

Has anyone purchased a vehicle on ebay that can advice me if this is safe?

Thanks in advance.


I used to work for a vehicle provenance company which funnily enough closed down a few months after I left (they couldn't cope without me) because of the number of claims for incorrect data.

HPI provide the service for Ebay and should offer similar protection if their is a problem.

Make sure you actually see the VIN and Reg of the car...make sure it is not tampered with because if the car is cloned then you will be entering in information of a perfectly legal car. Some Provenance services also have details of previous keepers too.

He is lying, ebay will not contact you to provide information and definitly not by having your name and address, they would need a ebay username. Respond to them and tell them that it's fine to do it through ebay and ask them to email you the link when it is listed on ebay so you can purchase it.

The 'official procedure' on ebay is: He lists an item to sell and you buy it if you want it, thats it, there is no other way to do it.


sounds very dodgy. Seller should not need your name & address for starters!

this is a scam a very old scam didnt know it was still going on check out the link guilbert53 has given you to the ebay forums theres loads on there about the eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection scams

ebay never get that involved with a sale

If your buying car - Go see the car, go see the seller, get a local mechanic to come and check it out when your at the cars location - If you want it organise a date to pay and collect the car.

This is the only safe way - Make sure seller has all the details logbook ect.

It maybe a long car journey but at the end of the day your going to be paying a lot . Do it now while fuel prices down lol

Original Poster

I think is just identical to the forum,
The normal excuses, The seller is desperate for the money, hence low price, and that he is out of the country so cannot view, so option is to go through ebay, and he will deliver the vehicle for free in UK.

Thanks for all you help guys, I'm going to get him to list on ebay, and then see what happens, maybe get ebay to check the product in details and do my own HPI check.

From the who content of the email, it seems that the seller will mail me using ebay letter heads. but he has provided;
"PS: As I mentioned earlier I'm a very experienced seller on eBay... You can check my eBay ID so you can see my feedback... I'm bodgeno1 on eBay. Here is a link where you can see my feedback:

so im tempted to message that seller to see if he is really selling An Audi A3.

When i get more time i will post the full email and pic, the pics looks really profesional, on from a club.

I quote the first line of your post:

'I have seen on GumTree an Audi A3 for sell for a v.v.good price ([COLOR="Red"]one of the too good to be true[/COLOR])'

So why are you even asking?

It's a scam. Read the ebay motors discussion board re this scenario.
You might do an HPI check and all comes out clear - that's because they will have details of a genuine A3. However, the seller has NOT got this car in Germany/Spain/Portugal or wherever and if you send any money you will not see it again.

Original Poster

Agreed, was hoping credit crunch is getting to people?
but guess its getting to con artist too... guess old trick in the book have to do durng crunch period.

Thanks all

"PS: As I mentioned earlier I'm a very experienced seller on eBay"

Yes you are, you have a total of 18 transactions in 12 months!

I bow to your mighty ebay power.
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