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Found 14th Jun

Was hoping for some advice please about some weights I was looking to buy on eBay.

There seem to be a load of identical sets of weights (link below) which seem to suit my needs. Anyone have any idea whether they're actually any good for light personal use? They all seem the same to me so I'd be going for the cheapest option (again, link below).

Or if anyone knows any better deals for ~50kg dumbbell/barbell then that'd be brilliant!

Thanks in advance!

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Personally I would go for cast iron sets, plastic sand filled (which you list) tend to give up the ghost if you drop them too hard. I haven't used sand filled in years but the ones i had went all over the floor! They will do you great for start up but I would spend a little more and get something that will last.

Cheapest Cast iron I could find argos.co.uk/pro…204
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100% agree with Sotoneblade's recommendation. Cast iron will last a great amount of time, one main benefit is the spin locks for the bars.
And being brutally honest... buy second hand ones if they're cheap! They all do the same job and will get the same results :-)

Cast iron on gumtree etc .. Then get sick of falling over them .. Then join a gym and never go .. Sorted .

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