eBay What are you doing??

i just went to leave negative feedback for someone as their payment failed and the option has vanished so I cant leave feedback and warn other people.



they removed that function a few months ago only buyers can leave feedback now

I think you can leave feedback in writing that is bad but it will be headed as positive but i dont know


Ebay is pants :roll:

my OH ordered a sd card or whatever its called! back in MAY!!
Its still not arrived, sellers feedback is good, and she claims to have sent it. We asked for refund and she said she would send another. NOT got it!

Yep, eBay policy changed some time back, only sellers can receive negative feedback now. If you chose to leave positive but with negative statement then this can be viewed as abuse of feedback system resulting in person being suspended or warned.

Consider reporting as non-paying buyer then if they dont pay then issue a non-payment strike instead if they dont pay, and possibly discussing on the sellers forum. That way you will be entitled to a Final Value Fee Credit.

hope this helps. Cheers.

Its all **** now.
Only reason i buy/sell on there is because i can get a good price for items and buy stuff cheaply.
Fees are ridiculous now as well.

only buyers can leave negative. cos too many people were leaving negative in retaliation. then people were deciding not to bother leaving bad feednack incase they got a negative in responce.

i got a negative as a buyer cos i left a neutral talk about harsh

they heard that bg1 "negs back" so disabled it for sellers :thumbsup:

i have 2 negatives against me in ebay (or at least did have) and both of those were retaliation ones after i'd left negs for non-receipt of goods, so to me as a buyer it makes perfect sense to ban sellers giving negs. but i can understand (but not agree with) sellers POV

It's a step forward, they just need to take more action against non paying bidders


As if they have removed negs.....

next you'll be telling me Mans walked on the Moon!

why didnt they make feedback only published after BOTH buyers and sellers had left feedback. that would have stopped tit for tat feedback without letting buyers NOT pay and no way of showing this in their feedback...

Anybody here know if the seller has to refund postage costs because i have bought a faulty item from ebay and want to know if i return it the seller will refund the full amount plus the return postage.

eBay is really starting to get on my nerves! Firstly, as my selling rating for 'postage and packaging charges' is 4.4/5 (I need 4.5 apparently), my listing disappear from anyone who is searching by 'best match' (which I see eBay have made default). Instead of 100 people viewing my items I get 10!
Secondly, I refused to send an item to a person with an unconfirmed address so I refunded payment and asked them to confirm it, they didn't so I never sent the item or took money. They gave me neutral feedback and although it's not a neg it's annoying as I had all positives before that.
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