Ebay won't load - help please

I've been trying for some time now to get on to ebay.co.uk it loads up as far to say the site name in the explorer bar at the top of the screen. The green loading bar hangs on 3/4 full for long periods of time but the page does not load.

I'm on XP SP3
Using firefox but have also tried IE

neither of the browser want to load ebay, I have a 5mb+ connection at the moment, all other sites are working fine, I also know its not ebay that is the cause

help appreciated


This happens on a regular basis with my rubbish Tiscali internet connection. Try clearing temporary files and resetting your modem. Works for me

happening to me too, I rarely use ebay! The one day I do it's messing up.... yaaay.

Original Poster

nope, still not working, this is the first time its happened to me I'm running virus software, but can't see why it would single out ebay if it virus related

I've been using eBay all evening and had no problems. I use Sky and Virgin broadband and it's working fine on both.

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I'm on plus.net broadband - oooh its working now

I always seem to have problems with ebay and FF, 8mb connection which is actually running at 8mb, still no luck. seems ok with IE though
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