ebay yet another time-waster..

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Found 23rd Dec 2016
Hello guys, don't you just hate time-wasters?
I started selling on eBay again hoping to raise some extra cash for Christmas!
My auctions ended 10 days ago, the first buyer cancelled after no contact for 3 days.
The Second buyer messaged me saying they would pay on Monday, however I'm still waiting..
I sent a friendly reminder but they didn't respond.
I would just like to know if I cancel the transaction will I have to pay fees or if I file an unpaid item dispute can this person screw me over with negative feedback? Any help appreciated.

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Go to the auction list in "My eBay" and on that auction there is an option to "File Unpaid Item" claim or something similar, I think it is in a dropdown menu.

eBay will then send a reminder message to the buyer, and they have a four day window to respond.

If they don't respond, then you can go back and close down the claim, at which point you will be given a credit for the fees for your listing (including final value fee) and you can relist the item and try again.

It is frustrating sometimes. Good luck with the relist.

File a unpaid item dispute, the most annoying thing is that you as a seller can't leave negative feedback they might be able to not sure. Hate when this happens why do people bid for something if they don't intend to pay for it

If the buyer doesnt pay they will not be able to leave feedback.

They can only leave feedback if they pay. If you open an unpaid case and they don't pay, they won't be able to.
If you cancel or buyer asks to cancel they can still leave feedback.

I now put this on all my listings "Please pay within 24 hours, our email if there is a problem". I have noticed in the last few months there has been more problem buyers than normal. One said to me oh can you cancel the auction because I bid too much!

I have stopped putting my items up for auction on Ebay because of non-payers and now list everything as 'buy-it-now' since then had no problems and guaranteed a fixed price. It obviously depends what you sell but Ebay is getting harder to make much money and I stay well clear of selling high value items such as electronic goods due to scammers.

if you get left negative feedback that is not justified contact Ebay about it, and if they agree they will remove the negative feedback from your account.

If you open an unpaid item and it's closed before they pay, neither of you can leave feedback.

If you cancel, you can both leave feedback regardless of if any payment has been made.

I haven't sold anything for ages as I think the dice is loaded against a seller

You will be credited the fees
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