Found 1st Jan 2010
Just a little advice please from the hotdeals community.

I purchased an item from the zavvi outlet on ebay and had a awful experience. I left negative feedback as you do, zavvi have now contacted my to offer me money to remove the negative feedback from ebay.

What would you do, leave it there so customers can see the truth or take the money?

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how much money
How much ? I would take it

I never heard Zavvi Outlet do that before.

I might go and buy some thing on there and leave neg feedbacks..lol
Report them to Ebay for feedback extortion. You may get your pot of gold but they will continue to give out terrible service whilst people accept this
a bit stupid of them to offer money for removal of negative feedback-they sent out all those cheap wiis on the misprice so they wouldnt get negged either-make them a counter offer and see what they say,just for the lulz-ask for 30 quid to remove the neg and see what happens.
Revised feedback 242 makes you wonder just what money can buy
Ebay feedback is based on customer honesty, so NO!
thanks everyone,
Send this to Watchdog it is pure gold would love to see Ebay and Zavvi worm their way out of this one if it went public
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show me the money

only £10 but thats half the cost of the item purchased.

I wonder how much the cheapest item they sell is, maybe a business opportunity here


3wks no comm only to tell me abruptly it had been refunded. no reason why.
Follow up by (31-Dec-10 16:48):
Ignore 1st post. Contacted them and they have made fantastic effort to resolve

I bet that buyer wasn't bought off
My experience of Zavvi with my only purchase was good.
If you think your comment will make a difference to potential purchasers, refuse the offer.
Their feedback is based on 95000 responses, what affect will another negative make?
1 might not but the extra 1000+ they could have bought off would have quite a dramatic effect 242 revised feedback in the last month alone shows it is quite a large problem to them. They are obviously worried about it or they wouldn't have made the offer.
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They offered me £40 off a playstation 3 and i took it, but hey got it back twice so playstation £80 cheaper !!
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