Found 9th Feb 2009
I sold a bag on ebay 2 weeks ago,
now the buyer has put in a claim against me via paypal
saying bag had a hole in the back...It never, it was perfect when i posted it to them
i have 1200+ positive feedback (100%)

they are new to ebay and i feel that they changed mind once it arrived..
paypal always seam to agree with buyer which i feel is unfair...

sorry just neded a rant...feel after reading some things on here, that paypal care more about buyers than sellers and we always end up out of pocket


ive got someone having a moan about something i sold earlier last week when i know it was perfect before it was sent......

Ask for a photo

awwwwwwwwwwwww that's so gutting. Sellers don't stand a chance paypal always favour the buyer which is wrong

it takes 2 weeks to see there's a hole in the back?!!!

Original Poster


it takes 2 weeks to see there's a hole in the back?!!!

[FONT="Book Antiqua"]I know! bad ain;t it[/FONT]

I would never use either ebay or paypal-just far too many stories like this. ebay has become a scammers paradise,in fact its legalised stealing,buy an item,lodge a claim,get yer money back-its worse than the most notorious nigerian con game.

I've just had negative feedback because the clown who bought the item didn't bother to check if it was compatible with his car, even though I told him before the auction ended to do so.
Then he didn't bother to get in touch with me about it, he just left the feedback.
Contacted Ebay about him, didn't even get a response.
Had over 550 positve feedback before this, really sick of EBay now. :oD


This is becoming so common now, neg happy buyers who know they can't be … This is becoming so common now, neg happy buyers who know they can't be negged back:x. Just leave a calm factual follow up, such as... Buyer did not check compatibility for car, no contact, neg given, apologies. You will go back to 100% in 12 months.It makes you look good and makes any potential buyer see it was a stupid neg it was and it will make sellers wary of him too. Don't leave anything negative or it will be removed.

Yeah I made sure my comments were not offensive, this feedback system is very poor though.
I'm actually thinking about not bothering with Ebay anymore after this.

The other side of the coin; you've had 1200 good experiences and JUST 1 bad one. I'd take that ratio in most walks of life! ;-)
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