Ebayer selling cheap wii games???

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Found 11th Jun 2008
username = kmatechnology

seems to be selling wii games very cheap? prices that seem too good to be true, and after delivery, fees and everything seems impossible?

seems to have genuine feedback aswell

what do you think? are they too cheap?


how much?

Why don't you buy one and see for yourself? Hmm, actually does he have Zak & Wiki? lol

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sonic and secret ring = £5.99 (£2 post and pack)
ghost squad = £10.99 (£2 p n p)
fifa 08 £14.99 (£2 p n p)
destroy all humans £10.99 (£2 p n p)

he has feedback for winter olympic games at £9.99 aswell

i cant see how he can possible make money on it???

if so we need to get them on here

looks ok to me hes a powerseller plus the games are about the right price some are cheap if you buy pay by paypal and check he has a registered address

not liking it myself, you could always email someone who has already bought one to ask if it is a copy.

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looks too cheap, compared to all other powersellers, alot cant compete

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i thought maybe a copy? but there is no information on feedback or description explaining any of it, or even hinting

I agree with you charlie2 looks a bit dodgy. As you say Wilko_mat sonic for 7.99 including postage is really cheap.

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yeh if you take, delivery, ebay, paypal, packaging off. It's economically not possible surely

like i say it won't hurt to send a friendly email to one of the buyers to find out, that way if its a copy you haven't lost anything, but if it is real, get spending...................£££

They probably are legit, from the back of a lorry :lol:
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