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item number 110515552409


Original Poster Banned

"this Auction Is For One Spark Plug Thing

It Might Just Be Visible, Next To The Red Petrol Tank. Unsure And Dont Really Care.

It Might Work

It Might Not.

I Cannot State The Make Or Code Model For This Spark Plug, Because That Would Be Going In To Far Too Much Accurate Detail.

I Would Like To State On My Advert; "payment Via Paypal Only" But To Do So Is Futile, As Confirm By Ebay Customer Services.

A Winining Bidder Can Pay For This Item By Whatever Means Suits Them And Not Me.

Further, A Winning Bidder Has Every Rite To Request My Private Home Address, In Order To Send Their Chosen Method Of Paypament ~ Being Somewhat "forced" To Provide My Private Home Address To A Complete Stranger Ebay Member Of Ebay,

Is Fully Supported And Confirmed By Ebay Customer Services.

When I Do Not Provide Any Winning Bidder With My Private Home Address, That Winning Bidder Has Every Rite And Is Fully Supported By Ebay Customers Services To,

Leave Negative Feedback And A Liable Untrue Comments On My Account.

Even Though The " Winning Bidder Is Unable To Form A Leagally Binding Contract At The Time The Item Ended Or When The Feedback Was Left"........... In Breach Of Ebay's Own User Agreement, Ebay Trust And Services Will Insist Upon Not Implementing The Removal Of Such Negative Feedback And Liable Comments, Even Though It Would Be Correct, Right And Proper For Ebay To Do So, As Per Ebay User Agreement, Terms And Conditions..

Further, Ebay Customer Support Services Have Confirmed To Me That,

Ebay Do Not Act Upon Nor Will They Implement Any Breaches Of Their Clearly Stated User Agreement / Terms & Conditions Of Ebay Use, When They Are Clearly Violated.."

bid needs to be put in and then report them for overpricing the postage!

Original Poster Banned


bid needs to be put in and then report them for overpricing the postage!

all over one bad feedback then his reply to the feedback got removed :roll:

I completely understand. Ebay has become a sad state of affairs.

lol - its just been removed

Lol slightly high postage on that spark plug

Ended: 14 Apr, 201014:57:19 BST

That did not last long


lol - its just been removed

I think the listing ended as its time ran out as when i clicked on it said listing ending in 5 secs

looks like the user had been left some bad feedback....


It is still there.

Sure is.

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