Found 14th May 2011
Anyone else had a problem with paying through paypal recently? I've had a couple of best offers accepted from a seller, so I go to pay via paypal. It's all fine until the final 'confirm payment' when it keeps on coming up with 'Error'.

The help guide says if you can't get ebay checkout to work, then go through paypal and pay for them. I log into my ebay account on paypal and comes up with error, no payments required.

My account should be fine, I paid for something else this morning on ebay via paypal. Any ideas?!

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When it comes to submit payment hit enter instead of clicking on the pay button?

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Contacted eBay, and apparently its a known glitch. They've told me to try again in a few hours.

Same thing happened to me about 40 mins ago

same for me a couple of minutes ago

yeah same thing happening to me too

yeh tried the enter key and still dont work.

seems to be working now.

Redesigning the site I think.

Me too
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