eBay/PayPal question about timeline of payment from bank account.

Found 20th Mar
Just jumped on the Deal posted here for an iPhone from musicmagpie ebay store. Paid £168, however my PayPal allows me to pay after delivery 14 or 21 days later. Received an email from PayPal confirming payment sent of £168 to Musicmagpie address. Looking on PayPal they have utilised funds of £86 outstanding credit I had in myaccount and the remainder from my bank account. whilst I have enough funds in my bank account, just wondered why the pay after delivery option has been overridden, ((Looked on PayPal forum - but no answer found]
Thanks for any help.
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There is an option under your account where you can switch it on or off - I just switched mine off as I think it's annoying, I prefer to pay there and then.
I’ve still got payment pending on other items I boughtyesterday, just wondered why this one has slipped through the net. Really wanted to pay after delivery as item described as good condition and I wanted to check it over first before paying.
Maybe the seller does not allow buy now pay later.

We only offer Pay After Delivery to selected customers with a confirmed bank account. If you’ve signed up for it, you’ll have the option to select it during checkout, but you may not be able to use it for all your purchases, including intangible goods and cross-border purchases.

If you sign up, it automatically becomes your default way to pay when it’s available.
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