Ebay/paypal voucher

Did anybody get a email from ebay :

We've noticed you haven't been visiting us as much as usual - we miss you! So we're offering you £10 of delight to spend on anything you want.* But hurry, this coupon runs out in only two weeks! Tick tock...

Seems strange


yea i did, is there a minimim spend you reckon?

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Apprently there is no minimum

"To redeem this coupon, purchase a single item of any value on ebay.co.uk, using PayPal as your payment method"

Annoyingly i bought GRAW 2 earlier from shopto,could of got it off ebay instead

Yes I got one, i think its a bit weird, just giving you £10.00 off just like that, It says that you haven't been visiting for a while, But I buy and Sell everyday, I think its junk/spam emails,

I got a bill from them today grrrrr

Oh, don;t worry, they will claw the money back by raising either E-bay charges or Paypal charges, in fact I would probably think increases are in the very near future. Bit like Sky you see, they give you extra **** you didn't really want, and then a short time later, charge more for the channels you already have! Supposed to make you feel not so ripped off.
come on, flame me, I dare ya!


Post the code

The way to check if it really is from Ebay is to check on My Ebay page then go to messages because every message that ebay send to your email, they post it there as well. Would be good if you get something for nothing!!

The code is cheers2


I thought that was the £5 code


can anyone check to see if this is a generic code?

thats the code for 5 quid off postage on paypal but it doesnt work ive tried it already


"The discount offer is limited to £10 off the final sale price of the item you purchase."

It's not a generic code, there's been a few threads about it...you need to have got the email. It also seems odd to me, £10 for nothing? from ebay? That's why I am dubious to use it.

Look at the reputation you have ebay, you are seen as so greedy and sly that when you do something nice people are suspicious.


Guessing it's only certain paypal accounts which have been unused for a time period

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Guessing it's only certain paypal accounts which have been unused for a … Guessing it's only certain paypal accounts which have been unused for a time period

I used mine last thursday
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