Ebay/Postage help please.

I have a migraine addled brain so am having a hard time doing even the simplest of things, any help/advice would be appreciated!

I just sold my 17 inch monitor on eBay and now wondering how to post it, I had thought I'd be good with 'standard parcels' but on going to work out how much I realised that you can't get a trackable thing with standard parcels, so now as far as I can tell I am gonna have to pay 12 squids to send it first class recorded!

A) Remind me, does recorded make me covered in case it goes walk about etc?
B) Is there a cheaper way to send something that weighs 4.5kg? Like one of those courier services you can get on eBay etc?



recorded only covers up to £30 but special delivery will cover you. Not sure how much it will cost but not usually that much difference. Other than that could try parcel force but may work out the same and not easy if you don't have 1 close.:?

i think you can pay extra £2.00 on top of standard parcels price to insure for up to £100 - you ask for it in post office

up to £34 - but that is also true with first / second class provided you obtain a certificate of posting

You may be able to get one of the wholesalers to deliver it for £6-7 as I suspect it will be less than 2 kg

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Original Poster

Wish i'd not bothered selling the thing on eBay now, I'd 'quit' eBaying because I hate all the fees...but when it was that 5p listing day last week I thought I'd shove it up at top whack and see how it went, not expecting it to sell.

Now after fees and postage about £30 of what I sold it for is goneskis, I'd have rather just flog it for less in the local paper instead of lining ebays/paypals pockets for what is basically the same end result for my pocket. gack.

I still don't know how I am gonna post it though...not weighed it but according to ebuyer where I originally got it it weighs 4.3kg, I'm not bothered how long it takes to get there, I just needed it to go via a trackable method to cover my ass - so I think my best bet is just royal mail first class recorded at £11.74...

i use ebay member home-textiles on ebay at £6.50 insured upto £100 with DHL and collected next day if booked before 11pm-if you have problems finding it let me know? i tried to pm u but your box is full??

Original Poster

Thanks for all the advice, sorry for not responding sooner but I am only just shifting my migraine now so have not been online much!

I ended up just posting it Royal Mail recorded at £11.74, boo...I just couldn't get my brain/eyes to function long and well enough to read up about the other methods suggested, but I have bookmarked a few links and have read up on them since, so at least know what to do in future. Thanks all xx
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