ebay....seem to have hired Columbo to work feedback?

    Ok, just wanted to moan a bit....

    I was leaving feedback for several items i've bought on ebay, select positive negative etc...done, rate out of 5 stars for the four categories...done, write my just one more thing. (why i mentioned Columbo).
    It now takes me to yet another page, rate your seller out of ten and tell us about this that and the other in another message box about your seller and experience (which they say wont show on ebay, its just for ebays private eyes)? Which after the 2nd and 3rd time I was leaving feedback it started getting really annoying, how long have they been doing this? Is this happening all the time now?

    Or am i being singled out for some sort of ebay experiment, anybody else seeing the other page?


    Just tried it, nothing popped up for me.

    Looks as though you are being singled out hehe

    Original Poster

    Oh No! I don't want to be experimented on by ebay! :w00t:

    they take the pi55 lol


    What was the sellers feedback? i thought ebay did this when seller or you had low fb, but i could be wrong.


    Oh No! I don't want to be experimented on by ebay! :w00t:

    Too Late!

    You're an eBay labrat!! :w00t:

    Original Poster

    I left feedback for 6 different people, 3 of them were 'Top Rated Sellers' and the other 3 were just normal sellers with a couple of hundred (good) feedback. It asked me to do the extra page of feedback/input for them all, I was leaving positive for them all....I was actually hoping to see someone saying they had seen the second page as well, but I guess Im a Lab Rat :?
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