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Found 17th Aug 2017
Having used Ebay as a seller and buyer for over ten years I've finally given up on them due to the numerous site problems and increased seller fees (another 20% vat hike just about to kick in for the small sellers). I was just wondering how many HUKD know about or use Ebid as an alternative site. As a seller I have no fees whatsoever (other than paypal) so my prices reflect this making it cheaper for my buyers, there are also less stupid rules and regulations making it much pleasanter and nicer than Ebays environment, it's very much like Ebay of old. If you have used Ebid in the past or currently use it I'd be interested in hearing your opinion.
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nice idea shame about the user base
very much like ebay of old ? is that when ebay had no users ?
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mattmerch1 h, 19 m ago

nice idea shame about the user base


Never used it as a seller but I used to look there as a buyer fairly regularly but everything I looked for either wasn't available at all or was cheaper on ebay/amazon, I don't bother with it any more.
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Ebid is a waste of time, if you want sales just stick with ebay and add a little on top of your BIN or start price to cover the recent hike. Not ideal but its sadly the only game in town, Gumtree is good for local sales - cash in hand. No matter what site you use they'll undoubtedly be using PayPal for Payments (excluding Amazon) and you'll still have to accept returns for upto six months after the transaction date and refund in full - not worth the risk in my opinion.
I once bought an item off ebid. I returned it as it wasn't the right size. Seller charged me for his postage cost and a restocking fee!
I complained to ebid and they did nothing. Never again.
Thanks for input. Unfortunately sales on Ebay are dire at the moment, putting up prices will just make it even harder to sell so can't really see that as an option. I used to use Ebid before I joined Ebay many years ago and did quite well, I stopped using it when I moved everything over to Ebay, as they regularly gave out free listings it made more sense. I've listed a few things on Ebid now but there seems to be a significant lack of people over there, only one sale so far. Not sure about it being more expensive than Ebay, sellers have none of the multiple fees to take into account, my prices reflect that and I've listed cheaper than I would on Ebay. Lots of the small sellers are being forced off Ebay at the moment due to a number of reasons all resulting in lack of sales, and many have mentioned giving Ebid a try, so maybe it'll improve for buyers too as more sellers will be listing.
If this helps, there is a site called Buuy. co.uk.

Check it out, not much happening at present, but I will be trying out selling small soon. Good luck!
Thanks, will have a look. Maybe they will advertise and push this site better than Ebid ever have. Realised yesterday I joined Ebid 15 years ago! Shocked at how fast time flies, but made me realise that in all that time they have never really grown or promoted the site, it all seems to rely on them obtaining seller subscriptions (something I didn't have to pay when I first joined as it used to be free). Maybe they are just not bothered about buyers as long as sellers keep joining. It does make it however a good place for buyers as there are no bidder wars and items can be cheaper than Ebay (mine are!)
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