Ebook reader

    Sony PRS-600

    I am thinking of getting an ebook reader. Can anyone comment on this model and how good they are?
    Where I can get a good priced one? other than ebay?
    Would you recommend any other make and model?

    How can I get hold of free downloadable ebooks.
    Are they easy to get hold of?



    i've got the 5" model (prs-300) and it's great, doesn't have some of the features of the bigger one but who the hell needs an mp3 player built in? certainly not me.

    i use [url][/url] for free sci-fi (they have about 100 free titles or so) or you could trawl the net for "free" ones i suppose.

    classics are available on loads of sites too.

    i'm chuffed with my reader - really high quality and great for reading for extended periods.

    Original Poster

    is that all the difference is between the 300 and the 600 is an mp3 player and touch screen? isnt the 300 not touch?

    yeah i was just wondering if there is any free sites that people know about to download books.

    touchscreen? why?

    buttons work great on mine to turn pages - what more do you need?

    apparently touch screen has lower contrast

    have a look at the 300 - i got a pink one but put it in a black leather cover - really really good - haven't regretted it at all

    cheapest i can find the prs300 is £125 or so…=gg

    i got mine for about £90 from comet a few months back when there was a great deal on.

    it's really worth considering. text can be resized small, medium or large. this is great when you get a bit tired because you can make the text large for less eye strain. no removeable memory but will still hold hundreds of books. up to 7000 page turns from the battery. can be recharged from pc via usb, but i use a PSP charger which works great - full charge from flat in two hours.

    anyway, hope you find what you're looking for.

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    hi thanks for your advice. So you are saying it doesnt have a SD slot to hold all the books on? just an internal memory to upload too???
    yeah i have looked at the 300 but really need to find a source for the books and get a load before i look for a reader. if they are easy to find online for free then ill probably get one.

    Had a quick search but didnt really find many places to get them for free.



    correct, there is no SD slot.

    my reader holds hundreds of books so i can't see the benefit, at all, of having an SD slot.

    all my books are on my computer anyway and i can chop and change as i wish.

    i hold maybe a few on my reader but i only read one at a time - i'm not the type to flick between books.

    as for free books:

    classic books are available all over the place, just google them

    some authors, either aspiring or successful, put some of their work out for free. you may have to hunt around for these.

    mainstream books can either be bought from sites or, if you feel the need, obtained from torrent sites and the like.

    to be honest, if you check out a few ereader forums, you will probably be pointed in the right direction for free books in the genres you prefer.

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    Hi scrumpy paul.
    Thanks for your help. Oh no your not one of these scrumpy lovers are you.. haha me too. love it.

    So what size is the internal.. 32MB??

    yeah like you say you can only read one book at a time. But really i would like to get say a series and just shove it all on there. I work aborad a lot and so i dont really want to lug a laptop about.

    I was looking for books on Patricia cornwell and couldnt find any for free. I do know about torrent sites but i am at work at the moment and all sites like that are blocked so i cant even look at them to see if they are the right sort of thing. I will be at work for the next 4 weeks and so cant look for them either on naughty sites like that.

    Also things like the harry potter books and the dan brown books. Things like that.
    What about books on fact can you get hold of those at all?
    I was thinking i might get more reaction from this site. But maybe there not a reading lot?? haha



    the memory is 512mb, apparently enough for about 350 books or more.

    i have about 15 on there at the moment - that should keep me going for a while!!

    have a look for ereader forums and sign up, you'll get loads of hints and tips.

    check out gigapedia for some free stuff

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    hi there. dont know if you will be around today scrumpypaul.
    Have you had a look at the PRS-505 at all.
    Think that maybe the one up from the 300 but i am not sure..

    do you know?

    hi paula

    had to go to work today so didn't get your comment until now.

    the 505 looks fine. it will, of course, be a bit bulkier than my 300, due to it being a 6" screen model. it does have more features than mine, but is a lot more expensive it seems.

    to be quite honest, i don't need any other features than those i already have on my 300. i wouldn't dream of using an mp3 player when reading, and if i want to listen to music i'll use a tiny dedicated mp3 player or phone or whatever. the screen size is perfect for me. the physical size of the reader is ideal. with a nice leather protective cover it is still a very neat reader. it has enough search/bookmark features for me, should i need them. in practice however, i probably won't need them as i certainly haven't used them - once - in the several months i've owned it. what i have is an ereader which can read a load of different formats, store a load of books, is reliable, robust with a great battery life, is very readable and, as far as i reckon, will last me a lifetime if need be. an ipad it isn't - and that's it's strength - it does one thing, very very well, and very very cheaply. it also has the benefit that it has opened me up to new authors and therefore expanded my horizons quite a bit.

    oh, by the way, once you get into it, use a program called calibre for book conversions (for example from .lit format or whatever into epub or something similar. as i said before, get involved with a forum or two, you'll get a load of useful advice from people who are far far more clued up than me, and may also be able to help point you in the right direction of a bargain.
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