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With the growing number of ereaders, what do you prefer, an electronic devices or a good old fashioned book?


Kindle and eBooks all the way!!! Lighter, more convenient

ereaders ftw! nowt wrong with paper books,but in the long run it saves a fortune if you are an avid reader-after the initial outlay for the ereader,everything is free!

real books every time, not the worlds biggest reader but when i done my degree the class had access to the digital version and we all just printed off what we needed to know, real books for the win or ftw as the younger generation use.

i have both...its not good if you drop your book in the bath but your ereader? oO

i dont read alot so books for me wouldnt say no to a ereader tho lol

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For me it's the real book every time, the smell, the texture, the ease of reading, the durability. eBooks have two major drawbacks, 1. A book will usually outlive an electronic device and 2. More importantly, a book never ever runs out of batteries.


Kindle and eBooks all the way!!! Lighter, more convenient

+1 - got a Kindle for christmas (with a lighted leather cover) and I love it. Saves hauling half dozen books on holiday too.

When I flooded my work bag the other day (bloody motion sensitive taps) I was glad the book that got drenched was a £1.00 charity book rather than a £200 Kindle.

Ereader so much more convenient.

Proper books everytime.

On Holiday I prefer audio books on my ipod while lazing on the beach. Saves having to hold a book!

Real books for me. No real reason, just feels right

Depends on what book, If a travel guide or a normal noval the ebook on the kindle, but cookery books have to be hardback.

Having tried out a Kindle I'd really like to go the ebook route but the publisher I buy from charges £1.80 more for the ebook version than the paper version which is frankly a joke so I'm sticking with the paper versions for now.


Real book only.for which I can feel, smell and always there for me like a friend.
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