Ebuyer??? any feedback on this site never used before....

Posted 29th Oct 2008
In the title really....
I am goin to get summit of here later but want to know if its a trusted site?
Any good/bad feedback for me?
Any vouchers codes that I am unaware of?
Rep added for any help thanks
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Which summit are they selling?

This one?


I've used them for years. They're A1. :thumbsup:
Yes Ebuyer is ok :thumbsup: & can be trusted
There's no vouchers on HUKD for them, most of their deals are pretty good though.
It's a very trustworthy site! I think most people from hukd have used their site before.
Yh its a good site
cheers all!!!
buy buy buy from ebuyer, though I don't support your trolling
Very trusted ! ? BUY BUY BABY ;-)
Yep, eBuyers probably one of the most reputable online sites there are. Good deals, great prices and excellent service. Cant fault them at all and I've bought a few grands worth of gear from them over the past few years.
Fantastic site, 100% trusted, great customer service too!

I've used them for years. They're A1. :thumbsup:

I would completely agree with that. I've shopped with Ebuyer for many years and spent amall fortune with them too. I have never had a single problem with them, their deliveries are excellent and I find their reviews to be the most trustworthy.


Ebuyer have been around donkey's years and very well trusted thought anyone and everyone knew that :-D
Don't make me laugh!
They robbed me.
I'll not even look @ their site now, let alone use it!
Worse than Dixons and Abbey National put together!
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