Ebuyer caught stealing from BroadbandBuyer

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well well...now thats being caught with your knickers down!!!

naughty naughty lol

Bad Ebuyer

Owned comes to my mind :-D

:shock: :giggle:

I personally think this was setup as a back street business and they became massive in such a short time they were not ready for it.

Yes they get your orders out on time, but the rest of the business seems a little lacking to me. I do use them, I keep saying that I use them because I save money over any other company. But it just seems to me that behind closed doors it is not very professional. I may be wrong but I feel that the guys who set it up were not ready for the big time and even to this day are still running it like a back street store in places where a more professional up to date touch is required. Over the last year they have improved their website but that means nothing when it comes down to customer service and customer relations.

They need to invest some of their much earned profit in more staff, and more qualified staff in my opinion, not some spotty kid on day release from tech.
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