Ebuyer closed accounts if a Paypal claim is made!

Posted 1st Jul 2020Edited by:"MrSprkle"
So I ordered an Nvidia Shield Pro it arrived but was faulty kept losing power, so I RMA'd it or at least attempted too as the online service required me to contact them to authorise the return, after 5 days I couldn't get through on phone without being hung up on, wait times of well over 30 minutes each time, all live chat, email and eNotes were ignored or unavailable.

So I opened a case through Paypal for a returns..

Paypal advised me to return it as I did and then provide proof of postage as I also did, eBuyer emailed me when they received it.

Today my account is inactive and I rang eBuyer after a 45 minute wait I got through and told because I opened a Paypal case, their policy is to close my eBuyer account, I have order thousands of pounds worth of items over the years this is the first dispute I have had with them and it wasn't even a dispute it was a faulty returns so they cut their nose of to spite their face! and I have been advised they do not re-open the accounts after they close them.

Any one else thinking this is a massive over-reaction? and a policy that surly alienates loyal customers?
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