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    Hey I am buying a NAS for my home cinema set-up and after just getting a NAS QNAP TS-219P from amazon warehouse deals, it was listed as Used-Like new, when I opened it, there was only the NAS Box in the box, no power adaptor no discs no screws nothing... Amazon have been great, but waited in for 3 days of failed deliveries, not amazons fault again, just the courrier.

    Then I bought something from scan, they took 2 weeks to exchange the product and refused the 5.00 delivery as it was faulty, I gave up in the end.

    I seen lots of reviews of poor customer service, but everyone writes about complaints and not good service, so before I spend 212.00 on a new QNAP TS-119+ Turbo, whats your thoughts on ebuyer, and your own customer service experinence.

    Thanks a lot


    Looks like you have had a run of bad luck there.
    I have bought off ebuyer, no problems for me but I did not have to send anything back.
    Maybe you have had your '3 times bad luck' so go for it

    I've not had any problems with delivery or faults on any of the dozen or so items I've had from Ebuyer so sorry I can't comment on their customer service.

    ebuyer are great on price and delivery , absolutely dire on service. Two orders they fluffed up and it cost me even though it was their fault for a) sending faulty item DOA b) sent wrong item. Other than those all my other items have arrive fine but haven't had to go back

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    I heard they arrange courriers to pick up faulty stuff, so should be no cost ?

    Personally I can't fault ebuyer's Customer Service, I've had to return and deal with a minor faults, and they've been great.

    I've had mixed experiences. On the whole, they've been good. Delivery is never especially quick but usually within the promised timeframe. Returns are sometimes easy, sometimes difficult - on one occasion, I had to threaten them with legal action before they would refund my money. This was after about a month of them sitting on about £70 of mine, after I'd returned a motherboard under warranty, and after numerous emails that all went ignored. On other occasions they'v ebeen better, like the time when I bought a case which was supposed to come with a PSU but arrived without one, so they sent a new PSU out for the following day. Or the other time when something arrived battered beyond recognition, and they sent me out a new one without ever bothering to take the old one back.

    I suppose the short of it is, when they're not instnatly binning your emails, they're good enough.

    i brought a few items off ebuyer, one broke down after a few months and the return system was fantastic.

    I bought a television off them, it had a fault and they repaired it straight away. Unfortunately I have the same problem again getting fed up now. Just waiting for them to contact me again.

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    What about broadband buyer? they are cheap as well for the TS-119+

    Thanks again all

    Ebuyer are the worst, the customer support is horrendous i got and extremely grumpy arrogant american woman on the phone and her response to my problem was "its being processed" every thing i asked "its being processed" she made no attempt to help me with my issue or reassure me at all what is better is that it was a fault on Ebuyers side for sending me a seconhand/used item when i payed for new and i'm sat waiting for 8 days to get a grumpy unhelpful yank on the phone, 3 to 5 days yeah right try 8 + still waiting. my next call will be to trading standards.

    Only had a problem once with eBuyer. They sent a TV stand with the wrong measurements. Phoned them up and they sent a courier round to collect it. No hassle at all.
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