ebuyer delivery... no longer free over £50?

Seems that way now.. is everyone else getting the same?



From their website :

[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]Delivery Rates
As always at Ebuyer we are continually looking at every process possible that will enable us to deliver products to you at unbeatable prices. With this aim in mind we have decided to review our delivery charges so that we can give our customers a fairer deal.

Our new pricing structure on all orders is available ]here.

It has never been free delivery for me

super saver is now £3.88 with orders over £50 what use to be free :x

their prices ain't been "all that" recently either !

And there was me about to order all the bits for a new PC. Looks like they've lost that order. Every little counts as Tesco say....


They have a strange way with words. Since when is "giving our customers a fairer deal" translated to you have to pay more for postage!

Grrrrr was about to buy my Spintpoint F1 yesterday and now it costs over 5% more

Oh well, goodbye eBuyer, hello Scan.;-)
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