Ebuyer? Do they offer PC build if buying components from they website?

    I can get a good deal if I buy the parts from Ebuyer, but don't really want to build myself. Very few of the pre/ready made Desktops aren't that good price/value wise, and those that are way over budget?

    Just wondering if they would build a desktop, from the parts I have chosen?

    Looking for a Core 2 Duo with 3 or 4gb RAM, 320gb HD and the normal other bits?


    It really is easy to build. Most things only go one way, and in one slot. Take your current pc apart, put it back together and if it still works have a go at new stuff

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    i know its easy, but I want one of those quad core processors, which you need to glue in with heatsink paste... not sure I could do it, and if I did I would blow up the bloody thing on start up lol


    i...which you need to glue in with heatsink paste...

    What the hell?oO

    Fitting processor fans used to be my least favourite bit. The first few I did I had to apply thermal paste. The last one, i3, had it already applied. Clip it on, easiest part of the build!

    Remember super glue is hard to get off :-)

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    Lol what, no you don't, the come with the thermal paste pre applied, just … Lol what, no you don't, the come with the thermal paste pre applied, just clip the heatsink on.

    not the processor i want! ;-) you need to apply!

    What processor is that?

    we have a self build quad core, and no gluing involved in this

    correction, we have a hex core.... just got my wrist slapped by the other half

    Thermally-conductive glue is very rarely used in aftermarket full-stop; its only ever used where the manufacturer deliberately wants to ensure that the silicon to heatsink bond is permanent; its generally far less efficient than a thermal paste and bad idea!

    Buy an arctic freezer 7 pro rev.2. It has the thermal paste pre applied to the base of the heatsink so its just a case of fitting. It's cheap, it's effective and above all it's no hassle. No need to apply any thermal paste to the CPU.

    all intel stock coolers come with the paste re-applied. some places also sell a motherboard, cpu, memory deal and the parts are already assembled.
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