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Found 11th Aug 2007
This isn't actually a deal request but I don't know where else to put this.

I see there are the KCC guitars which everyone says are great quality on the site for ~£60

But I also see these "extra value" guitars at ~£40. But there doesn't seem to be any comments about them on either ebuyer or this site.

Has anyone bought one of these "extra value" guitars and can they comment on the quality compared to the KCC?
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I think uif you think of it like 'Asda Smartprice beans' and 'Heinz beans'

What'd you prefer?
Errrrrmmmmm, I'm trying to decipher that message.

...............It doesn't matter because they both taste like beans anyway even though one is more expensive than the other?
Does anyone have any actual experience with this guitar instead a cryptic answer.
Yeah, i bought one 4 month ago. I practised regularly and I quickly improved by doing so. However, I think there is a slight warp in the wood so playing barre chords above say, 9th fret just sound a bit wrong. Great for starting out and playing open chords but when you buy cheap you end up buying twice.
Best to buy better quality. I had this choice 43 years ago! I bought quality and never regretted it. Easier to play and now worth much more than I paid for it.
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