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Ebuyer refusing to refund for item not delivered??

Posted 2nd Jan 2015
I ordered a laptop from Ebuyer at the beginning of December.

In tracking, it said it was at depot, however a week went by and it didn't get any closer to being delivered.

I assumed they were just overwhelmed as stated on the news etc.

Now they are refusing to refund? Where do I stand and what can I do?

They sent it via Yodel, and they can tell it hasn't been received.

Update: Called again, no luck.

Update Again: Emailed with details of all of the relevant distance selling acts, including links to each section of the online version available which I believe were applicable.

They will "Call me on Monday".

Don't really see why a customer has to tell them about distance selling regulations to get them to do what they are meant to.

Update: Refund has now been issued after a few more emails, clarification on procedures and similar issues for future custom has been asked for. (See thread posts for updates)
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