EBuyer returns !

    Bought one of those cheap NAS units from them and it was faulty .Returned it boxed with RMA . I have just recieved info stating a refund has been given minus the postage .The postage was £4.75 and my return postage was over £4.00 , So , I'm out of pocket by nearly the amount the NAS cost [£9.99]. Is this situation correct for faulty goods sent by ebuyer or from any other company for that matter .If this is the case I dont think I'll be buying from ebuyer again .



    hmm odd.

    I bought a cheapo £15 wireless usb dongle... it was faulty, and they arranged a free collection, and sent a new item out.

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    Well ,Well , within minutes of me sending an email to them saying I was'nt happy , just got a reply :
    Dear Customer
    I have looked into your account and I have refunded your delivery charge and this will be in your Google account within the next 3-5 working days

    I apologies for any inconvenience caused

    They would have got off with it if I hadn't complained ,just show's you pays to !
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